Thursday, February 20, 2014

A School Visit

Here are some photos from my visit to Windhoek's School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing*.  I observed 2 UNAM student teachers and even though I don't understand sign language I could see a clear lesson sequence with a variety of learning opportunities for the learners. The cooperating teacher translated for me but there were times the content was clear.  I was able to provide feedback about consistently maximizing engagement, challenging learners and making sure the assessment matched the objective--common improvement themes for teachers in the US.  At the end of the lesson I gave both classes NYPD pencils and the teachers received pens with New York City Landmarks. Lots of smiles and the sign for thank you--I learned how to sign "You're welcome."  When I go into town tomorrow I am going to print the class picture for the Grade 2 learners--I know that will be a novelty for them.  Also, all but one of the learners stay in the hostel so I will make sure they have their own copy to put over their bed or in a notebook. 
 *The majority of the learners stay in the hostel behind the school which means that these children, starting with Pre-K board at the school.  The older ones help the younger students with homework and if you look carefully on the picture of the 2 boys, you will see their initials embroidered on their school uniform.  I know many of the teachers stay at the hostel with the learners--extra income and  I don't know if the children get to go home on weekends.  There is one other school for children with hearing impairments and that is up north and proximity determines which school you attend.

Grade 2 Learners with their student teacher and her cooperating teacher

Prayers before the morning break

Morning break

Great communication with him pointing to his gap and my camera.  He loved seeing the picture on the camera screen.

Learners would pop in for a picture

The road was blocked, so I had to follow the red and white boundary on a dirt road

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