Thursday, January 24, 2013

Etosha and Fabulous Game Viewing

Yeah, we're heading on a big trip!

Etosha is Namibia's largest wildlife park.  My writing will be brief--I want you to be able to get a sense of some of the animals we observed.  This January was the best animal viewing of my 3 years.  On the first day we watch Elephants for over 30 minutes.  They were on the side of the road and although one mama wasn't too happy at times, we enjoyed watching the movement of a herd of 12 elephants.

We stayed at Dolomite Camp which is on the western side of the park and opened about a year ago.  The 20 tent sites sit on top of  a ridge so from one side you can watch the sunset and the other side the sunrise.  There is an infinity pool that overlooks the savannah and is a fantastic swimming experience.
My room view

It's my foot and I am entertaining the students with my submarine water move!

The students went for an afternoon game drive when we got to Okakuejo inside the camp, but I opted out and missed the cheetah that followed the car for 20 minutes.  I will need to get pictures from the students.

I decided to go on the early morning game drive (6:15 AM) and we were treated to close viewing of two different lion prides.  The last pride crossed in from of our van and you could see the blood from their recent meal.  The were walking through the savannah and crossing the road to where there were several trees that would keep them cool during the day and allow them to sleep off their meal. 

More pictures of the other animals in Etosha

We thought the baby was dead, but that's how the babies get rest, with the mothers diligently watching and guarding

Steenbok in the background
A territorial Black Rhino--charged another Rhino trying to get a drink
Rock dassie


Bat eared foxes
Sociable weaver birds

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  1. Jan, these shots are incredible! All I ever see in the tundra are crows and dead dogs *WOMP WOMP*