Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sossusvlei in Pictures

I know I wrote about Sossusvlei, but I wanted to add a series of pictures for those of you who might want to enjoy more visual images of one of my favorite places to visit in Namibia.

Jumping for photos is an interesting activity

The students love this photo--with Paula and me as book ends to our high jumpers

Our photo tree--Steve took many personal pictures for the students here

We love PLU
Leaving Deadvlei with Tickey
Sidewinder Snake tracks

Starting out on the Big Mama walk
Big Mama ahead

The top
Views from the top

The fast way down
Here are pictures from the Sesriem Canyon--the hike I didn't do with students--definitely a must with students.

Finally, the reward after the hot hike!  The pool at Sossus Dunes Lodge

Snack Tray

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